Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When In Doubt Organize

I was no further along in finding inspiration for a new line so I decided it is time to get organized. The biggest surprise was to find out that I had two each of some of my tools. I also found a ton of scrap metal to send off to Hauser and Miller. They are fast and offer fair prices for silver. I found time to unpack the collection of enamel supplies that a student gifted me and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I may not need to buy enameling supplies for the rest of my life. They were all lead based and with small children she wanted to get rid of them.

I discovered where all of my books on ethnic/African art were hiding and when I sat down to read them I decided that this would be the focus of my new line. There are several shapes that are used in the West African culture that symbolize wealth, fertility etc. I like the colors and patterns of mud cloth so I'll see if this translates well in resin. Most of my work is brightly colored but these earth tones are calling my name.