Friday, November 11, 2011

Jewelry from Recycled Street Signs by Boris Bally

Who would have thought the Department of Public Works would be the source of such striking and cutting edge jewelry and furniture art. Meet Boris Bally. His award-winning work is both witty and innovative employing the use of jeweler’s skills on non-precious materials. His current body of work transforms recycled street signs, weapon parts, and a wide variety of found materials into objects for reflection. These pieces celebrate raw American street-aesthetic in the form of objects,
often useful, for the home and the body.

Boris' work is a disciplined body of objects which vary from eccentric through formal to humorous; provoking thought and reflecting some of the distortions of our ordered world. His practice is a near transparent amalgam of the skills of an able industrial designer, a gifted craftsperson, a savvy business man, a discriminating sculptor, and a clever cultural critic. Bally is a working artist - someone who has integrated their studio practice, their means of monetary support, and his family into a seamless (sleepless?) lifestyle that is punctuated by the dissected remains of street signs. 

You may purchase his jewelry at and his furniture at Artful Home.