Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dream Clothes

I have spent so much time working on my craft and raising my boys that I have neglected myself to the point where I can't remember when I bought my last pair of shoes. YIKES! So now is the time to focus on me and to that end I have been developing groupings of outfits that I would love to have if money were no limit and see if I can imitate it with a quality focused yet budget minded shopper's eye.

"When in doubt wear red." Bill Blass
I love this daring neckline and bold color.  The midriff would not look well on me but I love it on the model. For accessories I would wear Amy Faust's 6 Circles Necklace and Red Tail Light Glass Earrings.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Art Jewelry Penny Sale

One of my favorite memories of my youth are my trips to the local mom and pop store and buying 25 cents of penny candy.  I can remember grinning for the entire day in between bouts of  sugar highs.  Those memories are my inspiration for the AJO Penny Sale. Shop now the Art Jewelry Online Penny Sale ends March 30.  Purchase select pendants or necklaces and receive coordinating earrings for 1 cent.

Hobnob Earrings by Lulu Smith 1 cent with the purchase of either the Hobnob Pendant or Bracelet.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Velina Glass Bangles on Sale 50% Off

Oh! Bangle Made from Resin and Fine Silver
Abstract Triangle Bangle made from Resin and Fine Silver
Out of Africa I Resin Bangle

I sell more bangles than any other item in my resin line.  This year however I have not been doing the shows (torn meniscus in knee) so I find myself with excess inventory.  This is the first time my bangles have been on sale and I can assure you that the dramatic savings of 50% is note to be seen again.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Be Frugal Look Fabulous

This week save 30% on the Hammered Circle Collection by Kristen Sunwoo Lee.  Join our mailing list at for the promotional code for this and other Frugal Friday sale offers throughout the month of March.